Our garden


Relax in our outdoor area. You will have at your disposal a large swimming pool (18 × 7) with a garden in which to sunbathe in peace and relaxation. Enjoy the pungent summer sun or the, more delicate spring sun, between one swim and another. You can relax on the large lawn surrounding the pool to get in touch with the earth and feel the scents of nature or choose a comfortable deckchair.

Surrounded by greenery


After a refreshing swim you can bask in the sun with a drink from our outdoor bar near the pool. You can sip a cocktail on a deck chair, by the pool, carefree and serene under the sun or under the umbrella, or read a book in total relaxation.

If you are an active person you can also take advantage of the play area, which has a football field and a beach volleyball court. You will be able to alternate moments of relaxation with moments of pure fun. Challenge your traveling companions or your family in fun ball games. The area is ideal if you have children, they can do exercise while always keeping an eye on them, or having fun together.

Pure air and relaxation


The location is so suggestive that it can be appreciated any time of the year. Even during the autumn or winter it is always pleasant to walk in the gardens and enjoy the brisk air of the cold period. Hiking in the surroundings will certainly be more bearable when temperatures are not too high. Plus, the winter and autumnal landscapes offer truly evocative images with their bright colors, making you feel as if you’re inside a painting.

Take advantage of our outdoor area and all its services to breathe some pure air and take walks in the garden, enjoying a unique and breathtaking view without necessarily having to move too far away from the farm.

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